Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all of your products made from real wood?

A: Yes!  All of our products - fireplace mantels, floating shelves, ceiling box beam covers, and corbels - are made from real wood...Easter White Pine to be more specific.  Due to its light color, quick drying time, and durability, Eastern White Pine makes for a superior species of tree to use for barn beams.  Its overall appearance in general lends itself to look more reclaimed than any other type of wood.  Check out the Hewing Process our craftsman uses to find out more!

Q: Does my mantel need to be notched?

A: More often than not, your fireplace mantel will need to be notched in order to install it securely.  If you are mounting your mantel onto drywall or a fireplace that already has brick or stone veneer on it (or another masonry wall) then your mantel will need to be notched.  If you are mounting your mantel onto a wall where brick or stone will be laid at a future date, then you do not need to have your mantel notched and we recommend purchasing a set of our metal straps.  Please see our fireplace mantel installation and mounting guidelines for more information.  All floating shelves com pre-notched.

Q: What does hand-hewn mean?

A: Hand-hewing is an age old method of cutting and shaping a tree log into a beam by striking it with a hewing axe, often called an adze axe.  These strikes, or blows, create checks and cracks that make each beam truly unique and give it a rustic and antique farmhouse appearance, just like it was reclaimed from a barn in the 1800s.  All of our barnwood beams are hewn by hand using this old-world technique by an Amish craftsman with over 30 years of experience.  Each piece he creates is truly authentic and custom and made at the time of purchase. You can read more information about the hewing process here.

Q: Is shipping free and is my mantel safe during transit?

A: Yes, to both of those!  All barnwood fireplace mantels, corbels, and floating shelves include free nationwide mainland shipping. They are shipped via UPS and are carefully packaged to ensure your artisan piece is safe and sound when it arrives on your doorstep.  Because of the custom and larger sizing of ceiling box beam covers, shipping is not included; however, when you contact us for a quote on your box beam, we will give you a shipping estimate once we know the size of the beam you wish to order. 

Q: Are the fireplace mantels and floating shelves sturdy?

A: Yes!  When properly installed and maintained, your fireplace mantel or floating shelf is very sturdy and durable.  All of our barnwood products are made from Eastern White Pine, a superior wood species known for it's durability and quick drying time, and then air-dried (or seasoned) for at least a year, sometimes two.  Air-drying allows the wood beams to be more durable and naturally dry out with minimal cracking or internal tensions that can often be found in kiln-drying, leading to a more fragile piece of wood.  All of this leads to a very strong timber beam that can be last a lifetime.

Q: How long will it take to receive my mantel or shelf?

A: All of our wood fireplace mantels, corbels, floating shelves, and ceiling box beam covers are custom-made and hand-hewn by our Amish craftsmen at the time of purchase and according to customer specifications.  Generally, it can take about 7-10 days for your piece to be crafted, finished, and ready for shipping.  Depending on the time of year, that time can be pushed to 14 days.  Autumn and early winter tend to be our busiest time of year.  Shipping is done via UPS and can take anywhere from one to 2 weeks, depending on your location.

Q: How much do the mantels weigh?

A: Our fireplace mantels are made from real timber wood and are solid beams.  They can weight approximately between 50-80 pounds, depending on the size ordered.  To ensure proper and secure installation, we always recommend that you hire a professional contractor.  However, depending on your DIY skills, you can install the mantel yourself.  Please visit our fireplace mantel installation and mounting guidelines for more information.

Q: Can I use my mantel for an outdoor fireplace?

A: While you can technically use our mantels for an outdoor fireplace, we do not recommend it.  The timber our craftsman uses is not pressure treated with chemical preservatives and, therefore, may be subject to wood rot.  If you do choose to use your mantel outdoors, we recommend ordering it unfinished (natural) and applying an exterior polyurethane to it when you receive it.  Yearly maintenance - such as light sanding and reapplying an exterior polyurethane to the mantel - will need to be done to ensure the wood is protected from the elements and does not rot.

Q: Have a different question?

A: If you have any other question that hasn't been answered here, please contact us and one of our specialists will be more than happy to help you!